9 Copywriting tips and tricks for starting from scratch.

Copywriting, What is it ?

Copywriting is the act of writing copy for advertisements of a certain business or company to help boost business sales and popularize the company.

Copywriting is NOT copyrighting.

A copyright is a law right that gives someone entitlement to a piece of artwork such as music, books, pictures, videos, and others whereby it determines who may have the authority to publish, copy, print, or re-use in any way.

In this article, I am going to give you 9 key components that are necessary for your copywriting that will help convert your business into sales in the quickest way possible.

The headline

A great headline grabs the attention of your prospective customers and will end up buying your products. Here is a quick tip on how to create a great headline;

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Write a simple, short, and precise topic that is easy to read and understand.

The hook

The hook is just like an introduction to the product that you are trying to sell but to make it eye-catching, use the 3S technique.

Story– tell your customers a short story that relates to the product. For example, you can introduce your product by narrating a story of how someone had a challenge in using a certain product.

This will help your customer understand your product from a different point of view and see why it is more useful to their needs.

Make sure that you don’t go around mentioning or dragging other products in the market that are similar to yours. Just be precise and tell a genuine story that will lead your customer to understand that this product can potentially be helpful if they purchase it.

Be short and clear in writing this story because you do not want your potential customers to lose interest or get tired of trying to understand your story.

Science– what is the science behind the existence of your product? Let’s say you created a skin care product for different skin tones. Try explaining why you think that your skin care product is important in taking care of the skin.

Give them the components of your product. For instance, it is scientifically proven that Aloe Vera helps in skin softening and moisturizing and your product contains a certain amount of Aloe Vera.

Incorporate the idea of having that amount in your product and the science behind the remedies of Aloe Vera to the skin.

Supposition– provoke an emotion while giving the customers the usefulness of your product. Suppose they buy it, how are they going to benefit from it?

The hook should be structured in a very creative way.

The problem

Let your customers know that you understand what they are going through and that you are there to help them in solving their problems.

For example, if your product is going to help them solve a certain skin issue, indicate that you understand what they are experiencing and that you made this product specifically for them.

Let’s say, skin breakage is a major challenge during the winter season and your product has the ability to prevent breakage during those times, then let them know that your product was made specifically to help them live through the winter without experiencing skin issues.

The offer

After you have given them a solution to their problem, you should go ahead and offer them a reasonable price. You should note that the value of your product should be higher than the price.

A good offer comprises a discount and a premium. Sell your product at a temporarily discounted price or exclusive price decrease. Premiums include additional bonuses and not all businesses may require the use of premiums.

Take, for example, if you are selling a range/line of skincare products. Sell them something like a combination of face serum and body lotion at a discounted or decreased price rather than selling them as single products with different higher prices.

This way, they will see the need of buying combined products at a cheaper price than buying them separately at a relatively high cost.

The benefits

Give your potential customers the benefits of your product. Let them know why your product is unique in the market and why they should buy it.

The social proof

If you have sold your products before, your buyers must have known how good and beneficial it is. If they left the reviews or testimonials, include them in your copy.

This way, your potential buyers have a positive way of believing that your product will help them based on how it has helped others.

Only include positive reviews.

The scarcity

The scarcity of your product will mean that the stock lasts only for a short period of time. This way, your customers will hurry up to purchase them before the selling window closes.

If you tell them that the product is available for only 7 days, you will give them the option of buying it right away.

If you do not indicate the scarcity of your product, they will not make a decision sooner and will end up not buying at all because maybe other things came up, and are no longer interested in buying your products.

This is a clever way of selling.

The reversal policy

Let your customers know that they will get their money back if the product sold is returned due to several factors such as dissatisfaction of customers, faulty products, wrongful purchases or deliveries of products, and other factors that might lead to products being returned.

Giving your customers a money-back guarantee policy will allow them to try your product and if they like it they will keep it, if they do not like it, they have a certain time to return the product. However, there are some regulations in the policy that allow them to understand how it works.

This policy also indicates the terms of payment, product expectation, the timeframe of the product delivery, money-back guarantee, delivery safety, and tracking.

Call to action

What is call to action ?

Every product sold digitally should have a C.A.T.

After reading and understanding everything about the product, it is now time to take action.

For example, if you are selling a course online about ‘complete copywriting tutorial’, your customers have understood what your course is all about and they are interested in buying it.

They will have to take action. You can either add a button, a link, and a widget or HTML anchor that will enable the buyers to purchase your product in a simple way.

They can either fill out the form, sign up, click the link, or contact you. So you have to give them an easy option of how they can purchase your product.

So these are the 9 components of a great sales copy. I hope it is helpful and meaningful to your business. Please like, leave a comment, and share this article with anyone who will find it helpful.

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