10 traits every successful writer has

Have you ever wondered what successful writers do to be at the top of the game and stick there for a long time?

Ever wondered what practices make them successful in the first place, and how you can too?

Well, I have done a lot of research and dug deep into what traits every successful writer has. Here is a list of what I found:

Beginner mindset

They admit they know nothing and their lives are all about learning more and more. Their exploration of writing then becomes the fuel for their skills.

They never stop learning. You will find them reading mostly and only taking a substantial amount of time writing.

They do a lot of research on what they want to write about. As a writer myself, this hits home. Every time I am getting work done, be it clients’ work or my own blogs, I will read a tone before I begin writing. I can spend more hours reading about what I have to write about and execute my work in less than 4 hours.

Never stop learning. Never stop exploring.

The more you learn, the more you understand deeper what writing is all about.

Just recently, one of my friends asked me how to start doing online writing and I only had a simple answer to give, “do research”. It sounds plain, right? But here is what I meant when I told her that.

— To begin doing anything, in this case, writing, think of a simple way to learn about it. I can give you a lot of advice and methods to learn but, if all of what I gave you doesn’t help you in the process, you will not go anywhere.

So do research on your own. Which ways will help simplify your learning process? Is it reading as many books as possible? Is it using Google to learn? Is it just observing your surrounding for ideas? Is it your own fantasies put into words?

There are so many ways to learn.

— Use those learning techniques that work for you to the maximum. In my case, I know for a fact that I use most of my Twitter to learn new skills, rules techniques, topic ideas, trends, tricks etc.

— It is okay to ask for advice, but trying it first, should be your first step in doing anything. Your learning should be your first task.


Their work is all authentic, and they pour their soul into it. In writing, authenticity is the key ingredient to the mix.

Authenticity is the originality of whatever you do. In writing, “there’s nothing new under the sun, everything has been written”.

How do you make your work authentic?  

We, I have a few rules that I am going to give you. This is very helpful in the world of writing.

You can write what someone else has written but still remain authentic and create non-plagiarized work by doing this:

— Don’t copy and paste work directly from other sources.

— Use 3+ sources and combine them into one strong idea.

— Only copy the big ideas, then write in your own words.


They spend time alone to let ideas simmer. Most writers use their own thought to create ideas. This is how authors are born. You will never find them in chaotic places when they are trying to find ideas; they are always in solo mode.

You can do this by finding a silent and comfortable place to always be creative and think of as many ideas as possible. Water parks, silent rooms, solo walks and places with more nature than people are the best places to think clearly.

Premeditated ideas do not necessarily require solitude, unless you are trying to clear up your thoughts on that idea.


They keep a routine and use multiple tools that are useful in writing.

Most writers have a strict routine that they keep. Creating a routine in writing is one of the most essential tools to use for success. Your routine will always guide you on what you are supposed to do. Social media writers normally have useful tools that they use to maintain their posting frequency.

Find a few tools that work for you to always keep track of your work and help maintain your content creation routine.

Back in the day, when there were no social media, authors had routines as well. They were committed to creating self-discipline by having routines.

Even today, having a routine is very important and as a writer, you need to always show up to your audience.


They can;

— Simplify complex topics

— Show depth behind simple ones

To bring simplicity, write in simple English and avoid complex words and show examples in your work.

Be clear and concise by editing and proofreading your work before publishing.

Understanding of human nature

What catches their attention?

What makes people click?

What makes people trust you?

These are powerful questions to derive your content.

Successful writers, engage with their audience to understand what they really need. They then go ahead to create exactly what the audience asked for without hesitation.

Energy management

This is the key to long-term success in writing.

Recharge your energy by practising good health habits such as eating healthy, exercising, meditating and journaling your thoughts.

It is very essential to drink water to boost your energy and general body strength.


Great writers are not loners. They have a community of people who understand them deeply and support their work.

Create a community through various ways such as social media following; email lists, online and even physical groups of people who are more into your work. Twitter and LinkedIn are good places to create a following based on my experience. You also get clients there.

Find the platform that works best for you.

Talk to your followers; provide them with what they expect and not what you expect.


Writers write, but do not expect immediate engagement from their followers.

Don’t give up on your writing; the time will come when you will reap all the benefits. Your growth and perfection will show with time when you continue creating content.

Good listeners

They listen to their surroundings. They will know what is trending and immediately turn that into an idea. Not only that, but they also listen to their audience and what they want. They can turn anything into a great writing idea.

Successful writers also listen to themselves. They try to avoid burn-outs as much as possible by taking breaks and doing things that help them recharge their energy. They never give up.

As a beginner, you can also practice what successful writers do by taking this advice and sticking to them.

If you find this article informative, leave a like and a comment. Let me you’re your thought.

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7 thoughts on “10 traits every successful writer has

  1. Authenticity is a good trait indeed. These days, where most people have grown up with the internet, more and more of the audience are growing keen to whether someone’s being truthful or simply trying to sell them something. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for reading it!


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